Press Release, 19/02/10

New book promotes a landscape approach for territorial development in response to today’s environmental challenges and socio-political transformations.

International Landscape Collaborative: Flavio Sciaraffia, Sourav K. Biswas, Thomas Nideroest, Hannes Zander (Eds.), From the South: Global Perspective on Landscape and Territory, Santiago, Chile: Universidad del Desarrollo, 2019.

Event 19/03/20


"Defining the Landscape Approach for India"

SAP, Anna University: Sourav Kumar Biswas & Praveen Raj deliver a presentation about the book "From the South" and "Sponge Handbook: Chennai" to reveal the necessity for a landscape approach in India. This lecture is held at Multipurpose Hall, at 3:30 PM on March 20st, 2019.

Book Launch 19/03/28

ILC Book "From the South" officially launches in Santiago, Chile.

Universida del Desarrollo: Pablo Allard, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Universidad del Desarrollo, and Flavio Sciaraffia Director at GeoAdaptive and professor at UDD, invite to the official release event of the book "From the South: Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory".

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Event 19/03/28


"Making the case for a Landscape Approach in India"

CEPT University for Architecture: Sourav Kumar Biswas presents ILC book "From the South" and discusses the need for a landscape approach to address multiple socio-ecological issues in India. This lecture is held in CEPT Auditorium, at 6 PM on March 28th, 2019.