Nupoor Monani, India

Architect & Urban Planner

Nupoor Monani is an architect and urban planner based in Boston. Her work is strongly informed by her upbringing in Mumbai and lies at the intersection of design, planning, and policy in global cities. Since graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, has been working with Utile Inc. on spatial data analysis, and community and stakeholder engagement for the ongoing strategic planning efforts in the cities of Boston and Cambridge. Her professional experience spans across architecture and urban design in Mumbai where she was leading design teams on multi-use development projects and residential master plans while working with Sameep Padora and Associates.


Nupoor brings a keen understanding of the spatial manifestations of urban policy. As an intern at the New York City Department of City Planning she developed an independent project “NYCSDWK,” a handbook for visual communication of the myriad policies that regulate the space of a New York City sidewalk. Previously, Nupoor has taught design studios for the Career Discovery program at the GSD and been a Design Critic to core architectural design studios for first year students at KRVIA, Mumbai, from where she graduated in 2011.