Sourav Kumar Biswas, India

Landscape Planner & Spatial Analyst

Sourav Kumar Biswas is a landscape planner and spatial analyst with design and planning experience across multiple cities including Boston, Copenhagen, Dallas, Mumbai, and San Francisco. With an educational background in landscape architecture from Harvard University and architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, he uses systems thinking and geospatial analysis to understand socio-economic issues and highlight their regional and ecological linkages.


He has authored 'Play! Tactics and Strategies for Mumbai's Informal City' which was a study of public spaces within informal settlements. His other research projects include the effect of flood mitigation policies on ecosystems and urban resilience in Mumbai and studying the community-managed sewage-fed wetlands of Kolkata as a social infrastructure. His landscape strategy for conservation and agriculture in the Mexico City region has received honor awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects.


Most recently, he utilized multi-criteria analysis and extensive stakeholder consultation to help a farming community in Colorado envision landscape futures in response to a transfer of water rights from agriculture towards municipal use. His forthcoming book with Rahul Mehrotra identifies gaps in policy, research, and urban planning paradigms to tackle the unique challenges of urbanization in India.